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Edna Garcia  Artist (Graphic Design/Fine Arts)
I do mostly photo editing and retouching. Such as but not limited to photo restoration, teeth whiting, changing the color of hair, eyes, object, removing or adding objects or people....ect. I do some animation, children's books illustration, comic book illustrations, video editing, design business cards, invitations, pamphlets, and more. I also sell my original art work and when requested will do replicas of famous art work. If you are interested in my work feel free to contact me. You may reach me by e-mail or simply leave  a comment below.

Pricing  -Photo editing/retouching - $10.00 per photo one revision per photo -Book illustrations - depends on the amount of pages (children's books are my favorite willing to negotiate on those) 
Textbooks $800 - $4,000
Editorial $100 - $1,500
Children's Books $1,000 - $12,000 -Replicas of famous art work (depends on…
Recent posts
Late Night Painting
Couldn't sleep. Got up to do some painting and run out of some colors too late to go buy any paint. Got inspired by Picasso's Blue Period I did my take on his Blue Nude painting.
line art "Azul" by Edna Garcia 2018
Special Request
This one was done for a living room with white walls white sofas. She said paint whatever you want favorite phrase to hear. I knew she used to dance ballet, jazz and tap. So I decided on a ballerina. 
 Contemporary line art "Inconsolable" by Edna Garcia 2018

Third Villain
The Phoenix from the X-men also in tempera paint.

Second Villain
Second villain portrait for the Marvel female collection . Mystique from X-men also done in tempera paint.

Marvel Female Villain Collection
Working on Marvel female villain portrait collection. My nine year old daughter request it to decorate a game-room. I will try and post the progress as I complete each one. Here is the first one Hela from Thor. Painting with Tempera paint

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bob's Red mill Chocolate Chip Cookies I make this about once a month  for my 2 year old. She really likes them. I make them different every time because my 4 year old is very picky. Even though she says she likes them they are not her first choice. My husband tried them last week for the first time and he said they tasted good. He's a picky eater too. I try to follow the recipe in the back as closely as possible but am a baker at heart. So I always end up tweaking every recipe I come across. Here is how I made them. The first batch I followed the instructions in the back. It says to add two teaspoons of water; However, I always bake with either milk, butter milk or cream. First batch of cookies 1/2 cup butter1 eggabout 5 tsp of whipping cream1 bag of Nestle Mini Chocolate Chips (semi-sweet)

I feel that they are quite sweet like this, no need to add extra sugars. I've made them in the past with coconut oil instead of butter and it was just too much the coconut flavor and th…

Art Lesson

Art Lesson  Our art lesson this week was Primary and Secondary colors. We used homemade clay to practice mixing the primary colors  to get the secondary colors. (the 2nd recipe which I have under clay recipes)

 blue   red  yellow  Sofia (2 yrs)  Paola (4 yrs)   They were mixing yellow and blue to make green. 
We mixed yellow and red to make orange. 

Mixed red and blue to get purple. 

Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe 
1 cup salt2 cups flour4 tablespoons cream of tartar4 tablespoons vegetable oil2 cups waterfood coloring (optional)cook in microwave  or stove top. I think white flour works best. I used whole wheat because thats what I had at hand which is why my colors were a bit off.