Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homeschooling curriculum

Homeschooling curriculum for 2012-2013

Since Its time to start looking for next school years home school curriculum. I figure I share What I used this year and where I got it from.

Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.

  1. Manipulative Kit K-3 
  2. Math K Homeschool KIT
  3. Saxon Phonics K Home Study Kit
  4. Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals
  5. Visual History of the World
  6. 1000 Words to Sign
  7. Little Pim Chinese Backpack Plus
  8. Instant Piano Fun Book 1
  9. Instant Piano Fun Book 2
  10. Cash Pax Money Briefcase Set with Activity Book
  11. 16” Topograph Inflatable Globe (Dark Blue)
  12. 16” Political Inflatable Globe (Light Blue)

I liked the curriculum over all. My girls really liked the Saxon math K to them it was like play time. If I had to redo it, I would have chosen a different history book. The one we got was simply to boring for my toddlers. Hope this helps. My girls really like homeschooling. I can't Imagine them schooling any other way .

This is them working on there first Saxon Phonics K lesson.


  1. Hi Edna! I am now following via GFC. I am thinking of homeschooling my son, too. He's now 2 years old. How old did you start using homeschooling materials to your kids? Let's connect. See you around. =)

    You can visit mine at

  2. when my eldest was two my husband choose to enroll her online for pre-k
    However My second daughter I got her started this year with a kindergarten curriculum she was two back in August. Hope this helps you.



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