Friday, June 21, 2013


IXL Math Practice

    I was looking for educational games online for my girls mainly the older one  (4 yrs). When I stabled acrossed this website called IXL it was supposed to be math practice. I saved the page and moved on I kinda forgot about it till yesterday when my 4 yr old wanted to play games online. So we gave it a try I signed up for the free teacher 30 day trial and made two logins under that account . One for each of my girls. My oldest stayed on it for about 20 some minutes which to me seem like big chunk of time because it didn't really seem like math practice. To me it seem more like math placement test. They ask you for your state so that the problems mach the state requirements. They time how long the child takes in each problem and they break it down by grade level. Which the child is free to try any grade level they like. Each grade has its own board of achievements. They furthermore divide each "practice" by category such as shapes, adding,  subtracting, size...ect  making it so easy to login and check what area the child needs help in or more practice. When I saw what it really was I was hoping my girls would like it however I figured they get bored soon. To my surprise they really like it and they seem so proud of themselves. After each practice they receive praise and medals. Virtual medal but nonetheless medals which makes them enthusiastic about continuing.
    I don't accustomed to such lengthy testing for my girl. If I wanna know if they are retaining the information I will usually give a verbal review/exam with no grading. However I think this website is great for the end of the school year after we finish our curriculum for the year. Just to see how they are doing according to my state requirements.  
    By the way my 2 yr old tried it today and she was ecstatic about her achievement on it. Since my girls do their homeschool together. My little one is not as quick to answer and she ends up feeling as if she is not as smart as her sister. Today she got to log in to her own practice and she did it at her own pace. Without comparing her work to that of her sisters. It made such a huge difference in her attitude. She got a boost of confidence and energy. It made me so happy to see her feel so proud of herself. Well I have blabbered on enough . This is the website Hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did.


  1. Hi! We like that site too. Glad your little one is finding it beneficial! Stopping by, and now following you, from HHH. Would appreciate you following me back. Blessings!



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