Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

   uhg... ugly aren't they? When I had my first baby My husband helped me shower that first day at the hospital because I was still drowsy and medicated. I wish now that I had ask my sister or mom to help. Since I will never be able to take that moment back when he got to see my post baby body for the first time. He Looked at my deflated looking belly and after a few minutes said "Is it going to stay like that?"  He doesn't sugar coat anything. The comment was proceeded by him describing what he felt my stomach looked like. He said my belly the area right below my belly button looked like in his words "Looks like you have Balls" (testicles).


   I got a free Apotherm sample from about seven months ago. It included one stretch mark cream .7 oz which was half filled and a hydrating eye cream .25 oz.

I did not take photos of before I started using because I didn't think It would help much. I had red, purple and silver stretch marks. Some where 3 yrs old and some new ones from my last pregnancy. With a lot of texture. It felt worst then braille writing. I could see the indention from an angle.


   About a week or two after I started using the cream my husband and I started to notice a change in texture; then, the color started to fade. That's when we decided that we be buying this cream. I decided to take some photos so that we could compare if it help or not. 

First three are about a week and a half into using the cream. Then a week later when I finish the sample.

Full size Apothederm Bottle 

    I got mine at because they where offering a free sample. Which I choose the Bad Gal mascara. I haven't finish the bottle yet but here are some photos from today. I Have not been using it for seven month because I didn't buy it right away.

It is not great but it does not look like "balls" anymore.

I will Post more when I finish the cream.


  1. It seems that the stretchmarks cream is working. keep us updated.

    Rosels' Mom Diary

  2. I will try and put new photos at the end of the month.

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