Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creation Science

This week I received the Christian Kids Explore Creation Science book by: Robert W. Ridlon, Jr & Elizabeth J. Ridlon. Available at Yellow House Book Rental.
Even though it is too soon to give a review I figured I could give you sneak peek.

We have already finished lesson 1 and so far so good. It dives right into our first project. As I flipped through the pages it seems to have a project for every lesson which is great for my toddlers. However, like I mentioned before, it is still too early for a real review so this is just a peek of what the book covers.

It opens with a short explanation of what creation science is and quickly moves on to explain diversity of life. Today we worked on Lesson 2 which included a bean growing project. Lesson 7 - 12 are supposed to cover six days of creation, Lesson 13-16 cover the flood of Noah and Lesson 19- 23 cover evolution. It has a total of 28 lessons. At the back of the book it includes coloring pages and multiple choice questions with an answer key. I am so happy to have won a copy, courtesy of Yellow House Book Rental. Thank you Yellow House for this wonderful giveaway.


  1. That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the series and first pages with us.



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