Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bralief Review


    Funny, before having my children I could care less which type of bra I had on, since they used to be full, perky and even. Now that they have lost their fullness and are saggy and lopsided I will not leave home without a push up bra, padded bra or a combination of both; Therefore, I am glad I got to do this review.

    Bralief does what it says it will do "provides an instant breast lift, keeps straps from falling." I especially like that last part "keeps straps from falling" because I am still breastfeeding, most of the straps on my bras have lost the elasticity from where I pull on them each time I breastfeed and end up slipping off. Bralief was an easy solution to this problem. 

    Since the straps of my bras get worn out fast I have to replace them often. I like that now I get to extend the life of my push up bras which is great because push up bras can get expensive. Now I don't have to replace my favorite bra (Victoria's secret knockout wireless push up) quit yet.


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