Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saxon Phonics K


Saxon Phonics K

I am enjoying the Saxon products they are so easy to follow. Its like teaching for dummies if you are lost or overwhelm with the idea of homeschooling or you don't know where to start I would highly suggest starting with the Saxon products.  Everything is written out step by step great for first time homeschoolers.  Aside from being easy for mommies/teachers to fallow my girls are enjoying Saxon Phonics and learning very well with it.
Since I have more then one child homeschooling I make copies of the worksheets or i have them point to the answer and if writing is require I have them use a chalkboard. When i don't make copies. 
here is my 4 year old 
working on one of her lessons.

Since then I have gotten Basket for most of the Home school supplies and boxes however I am still using  the shoe box for the Phonics materials.
One of the Phonics activities.

Thursday, May 23, 2013




   I am a 26 year old stay at home mom of three. Ages  four year old, three year old and one year old. I've been homeschooling my toddlers since they where born. It's never to early.


    I've been homeschooling now for a few years. I still have a lot of learning to do myself. Here some of the thing we been doing so far.

1- I use flashcards to teach them the shapes which one can easily find online and print. 
 I turn it into a memory game I would show her each shape say the name then place 3 or 4 cards down and ask her "which is ... the star?" and she point or grab the card if she lost interest we would put them away.

2- I would show her 'baby can read' which I found on YouTube.

3-  I show her ASL with videos some I downloaded and other on YouTube

When my daughter turn two

 I singed her up for prekindergarten online


 Last summer I purchased our first curriculum from 

Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. which we where very happy with and we will be purchasing 

the 1st grade curriculum from their as well. 


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