Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini Counting Bean Bags


Mini Counting Bean Bags

  Since our school year is finish my girls are quite bored. Which is why I decided to make some counting bean bags for them to throw around. I am not finish yet. Hoping to embellish them with some colorful yarn.


  1. old shirt
  2. needle and thread
  3. beans
  4. patience
I have a Singer  SewQuick handheld sewing & craft machine. It is a useless machine which is way I ended up doing this project by hand. It would not even turn on what a waste. I am so glad I choose to make mini bean bags and not jumbo size. I got through five and had to call it a day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free samples


Free samples 

 Here are a few place you can find free sample and even some full size products. For the Full size product start from the top of the list. They require filling in some surveys. The rest are usually sample size product and only require you to fill in your information such as address, name and email. If your are going to sign up to all the freebies websites I would suggest a separate email for them, since they will send a lot of emails. 

By far my favorites are Bzzagent and Mom Ambassador. I've gotten several full size Product from both.

Art Lesson


Art Lesson

 Our art lesson this week was Primary and Secondary colors. We used homemade clay to practice mixing the primary colors  to get the secondary colors. (the 2nd recipe which I have under clay recipes)

Sofia (2 yrs)
 Paola (4 yrs) 
 They were mixing yellow and blue to make green. 

We mixed yellow and red to make orange. 

Mixed red and blue to get purple. 

Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe 

  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 cups water
  • food coloring (optional)
cook in microwave  or stove top. I think white flour works best. I used whole wheat because thats what I had at hand which is why my colors were a bit off.

Friday, June 21, 2013



IXL Math Practice

    I was looking for educational games online for my girls mainly the older one  (4 yrs). When I stabled acrossed this website called IXL it was supposed to be math practice. I saved the page and moved on I kinda forgot about it till yesterday when my 4 yr old wanted to play games online. So we gave it a try I signed up for the free teacher 30 day trial and made two logins under that account . One for each of my girls. My oldest stayed on it for about 20 some minutes which to me seem like big chunk of time because it didn't really seem like math practice. To me it seem more like math placement test. They ask you for your state so that the problems mach the state requirements. They time how long the child takes in each problem and they break it down by grade level. Which the child is free to try any grade level they like. Each grade has its own board of achievements. They furthermore divide each "practice" by category such as shapes, adding,  subtracting, size...ect  making it so easy to login and check what area the child needs help in or more practice. When I saw what it really was I was hoping my girls would like it however I figured they get bored soon. To my surprise they really like it and they seem so proud of themselves. After each practice they receive praise and medals. Virtual medal but nonetheless medals which makes them enthusiastic about continuing.
    I don't accustomed to such lengthy testing for my girl. If I wanna know if they are retaining the information I will usually give a verbal review/exam with no grading. However I think this website is great for the end of the school year after we finish our curriculum for the year. Just to see how they are doing according to my state requirements.  
    By the way my 2 yr old tried it today and she was ecstatic about her achievement on it. Since my girls do their homeschool together. My little one is not as quick to answer and she ends up feeling as if she is not as smart as her sister. Today she got to log in to her own practice and she did it at her own pace. Without comparing her work to that of her sisters. It made such a huge difference in her attitude. She got a boost of confidence and energy. It made me so happy to see her feel so proud of herself. Well I have blabbered on enough . This is the website Hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cake

My sister and I made a rainbow cake awhile back with our children just for fun. We originally wanted to decorated it with one unicorn on top upon marshmallow clouds and small skittle rainbows on the side but picture perfect doesn't necessarily equal fun therefor we ended up letting the girl decorated. They  choose to add all the candy eyes,mini marshmallows and skittles to it and they did not wait for the cake to cool before starting to add the frosting lol. We ended up with a melting rainbow cake monster.

  1.  classic white cake mix
  2. Gel food coloring 
  3. skittles
  4. mini marshmallows
Our girls had a blast. Hopefully we will be trying this again soon.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Homeschool Room

  I am getting organize for the coming school year and find myself a bit overwhelmed. We been using my girls room as the main learning area. Which worked fine this year; However as we accumulate more school supplies, curriculum, toys...ect. It becomes more and more uncomfortable. I am wondering     what some of you are doing when it comes to storage? Also Where is your main learning area?   Our "homeschool room" is nothing like what pops up on google search as pretty as they may look it seem so unrealistic. Please share with me some of your ideas. Look forward to hearing from y'all.

Monday, June 10, 2013




  I've had acne for a long time now and many products have help in the past to subdue it. However I believe I found my favorite. Seabuckthorn and Rosehips oil from Chagrin Valley Soaps. Here is some before and after photos.



When I read the reviews they mention a smell to this product but to me it just smells like herbs. I really don't mind However I would not wear it out  because it has a yellow tint to it. I put it on at night before bed. At first I would use it every day but now that I don't have acne I only use it when I have a break out. I also get my shoopoo from Chargrin Valley Soap

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seed Project


Seed Project

   In My home We try to eat organic. When my 4yr old ask how can she know when its organic and healthy to eat? One of the thing I said was " If you can grow it." and "if no poisons where use to grow them" which is how I explain pesticide to her. Then it is good to eat. Then she ask. How do I know that they didn't use poison. To which i answer " the best why is to grow your own food." Since Then she has began to ask me just about every time she eats if what she is eating grew from the grown and if we can plant it. Which is why I figure is was time for this project.

We used apple seeds because My 4 yr old wants an apple tree. Since they sprout it we decided to take the next step.
I didn't want to get a huge bag of dirt just yet so; Instead, we used soil from a plant we already have.
Since the project is so simple I figure we elaborate by adding a reading list to it.


  1. The tiny seed By: Eric Carle
  2. Oh Say Can You Seed By: Bonnie Worth
  3. A seed in Need By: Sam Godwin
  4. The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein
The last one seem appropriate since it is about an apple tree. Just happens to be one of my favorites.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homeschooling curriculum


Homeschooling curriculum for 2012-2013

Since Its time to start looking for next school years home school curriculum. I figure I share What I used this year and where I got it from.

Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.

  1. Manipulative Kit K-3 
  2. Math K Homeschool KIT
  3. Saxon Phonics K Home Study Kit
  4. Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals
  5. Visual History of the World
  6. 1000 Words to Sign
  7. Little Pim Chinese Backpack Plus
  8. Instant Piano Fun Book 1
  9. Instant Piano Fun Book 2
  10. Cash Pax Money Briefcase Set with Activity Book
  11. 16” Topograph Inflatable Globe (Dark Blue)
  12. 16” Political Inflatable Globe (Light Blue)

I liked the curriculum over all. My girls really liked the Saxon math K to them it was like play time. If I had to redo it, I would have chosen a different history book. The one we got was simply to boring for my toddlers. Hope this helps. My girls really like homeschooling. I can't Imagine them schooling any other way .

This is them working on there first Saxon Phonics K lesson.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stretch Marks


Stretch Marks

   uhg... ugly aren't they? When I had my first baby My husband helped me shower that first day at the hospital because I was still drowsy and medicated. I wish now that I had ask my sister or mom to help. Since I will never be able to take that moment back when he got to see my post baby body for the first time. He Looked at my deflated looking belly and after a few minutes said "Is it going to stay like that?"  He doesn't sugar coat anything. The comment was proceeded by him describing what he felt my stomach looked like. He said my belly the area right below my belly button looked like in his words "Looks like you have Balls" (testicles).


   I got a free Apotherm sample from about seven months ago. It included one stretch mark cream .7 oz which was half filled and a hydrating eye cream .25 oz.

I did not take photos of before I started using because I didn't think It would help much. I had red, purple and silver stretch marks. Some where 3 yrs old and some new ones from my last pregnancy. With a lot of texture. It felt worst then braille writing. I could see the indention from an angle.


   About a week or two after I started using the cream my husband and I started to notice a change in texture; then, the color started to fade. That's when we decided that we be buying this cream. I decided to take some photos so that we could compare if it help or not. 

First three are about a week and a half into using the cream. Then a week later when I finish the sample.

Full size Apothederm Bottle 

    I got mine at because they where offering a free sample. Which I choose the Bad Gal mascara. I haven't finish the bottle yet but here are some photos from today. I Have not been using it for seven month because I didn't buy it right away.

It is not great but it does not look like "balls" anymore.

I will Post more when I finish the cream.


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